Our Dream

I would like to cast the vision that God has given....
 NHBC is to be a regional church with a training center. We most definitely have the space as some of you know. This ministry is to provide various programs and ministries to the immediate community and those of Ward County. Space for conferences and seminars with a worship center available; with easy access in and out of Minot. Let me try to give you a taste of what could happen...
Imagine a place where ESL is taught along side how to write a resume'.... a place where local business people donate time to come and conduct mock interviews to give training and confidence to those looking for work.... a center where financial classes are taught on how to devlop a family budget... parenting classes.... specialized classes dealing with topics such as "domestic violence" drug and alcohol isssues.... BUT MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY !!! A place where Jesus is lifted up and the "good news" is declared in all the above plus many more ministries.
We are experiencing grow at an astounding rate.... the oil boom is not far away from our city limits...as God's people we desire to make an impact.
Scripture says we have not because we ask not.... please pray that God would supply the following:
a SMART Board to used in the double front classroom area
a new sound board (16 channel) ours is very old and tired
two wireless microphones to assist mutiple speakers
2 60 inch LCD screens to be mounted in the sanctuary to be hard wired into the computer for better presentation/s.
a Clavinova (88 key) to replace the old piano and organ
tables (round ones) for conferences and banquets
200 pew chairs to replace broken and out of date pews
God is quite able to provide these things for His ministry here in Minot. Would you pray with me and ask Him?